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Empowering Innovation with Precision Engineering

At The Industrializers, we support startups and established companies scale their innovative products from concept to market.

Custom Engineering Solutions

We specialize in the design and development of complex systems, incorporating advanced technologies such as micro-engineering, electronics, optics, mechanics, real-time processing, embedded software, and AI integration, alongside ensuring all necessary product certifications.

Support for Startups and Scaleups

Our team offers expert advices to empower emerging businesses through each step of their growth. Additionally, we assist companies in efficiently and sustainably scaling their production processes, ensuring readiness for market demands.


Founded by a visionary team including Beat, Gaëtan and Maurice, The Industrializers began as Atracsys sàrl, a pioneer company developing stereoscopic cameras for robotic surgery. These cameras, engineered from scratch, acting as the “eyes” of surgical robots, set a new gold standard in the field. Following the success and subsequent acquisition of Atracsys sàrl by Smith-and-Nephew, the same team established Immensive in 2017, focusing on cutting-edge UX interfaces, Industry 4.0 and industrialization services.

In 2019, we expanded our support to numerous startups, aiding them through the intricate processes of development strategy, electronic redesign, Software refactoring and production scale-up. Today, we continue to specialize in industrialization, helping businesses transform their prototypes into ready-to-market products.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Support for Startups and Scaleups

Expert advice and hands-on support in transforming ideas into scalable operations.

Global support for intellectual property and technology transfers, ensuring your innovations are protected and profitably commercialized.

Assisting companies in scaling their production efficiently and sustainably.

Why Choose Us?

“Transitioning our prototype from TRL4 to TRL6 was crucial for internal deployment, especially with the integration of real-time AI from video streams. The Industrializers played a key role in achieving this, ensuring our solution not only met but surpassed our objectives.”


“At Voltiris, as we integrate solar panels into greenhouses.
The Industrializers have been key in refining how our modules connect, making our solutions both more robust and cost-effective. Their support is accelerating our journey towards a sustainable future where energy
and agriculture merge seamlessly.”


Let’s innovate together and build the future